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Our Goals for Our Planned Breeding Program

How We Raise Our Puppies

Our Prices & Guarantees


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Current Litter   ** Updated June 2014 -- Seven Pups Available **

Older Dogs/Young Adults Available  

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"Indigo"   Uno X Tymbr   2008





Our Goals for Our Planned Breeding Program


We are aiming for all three of the following attributes for our dogs :

# 1  Excellent Health   

# 2  Structurally Sound   

# 3  Versatility in the many venues of Conformation, Agility, Obedience and Rally. 


We want to produce loving and healthy Aussies. 

We also want our dogs to exemplify what we love about this breed active, intelligent, versatile and beautiful.

Quality, not quantity, is our objective. 

Therefore each of our litters are carefully planned and we only do a breeding when we are looking to keep something for ourselves.






How We Raise Our Puppies


Here at Ewenique Aussies we take great pride in how we raise our puppies.  We raise them to be well adjusted members of the family and good competitors in performance events.


At three days of age we start the Super Puppy Early Neurological Stimulation.  Please see the Breeding Better Dogs website for more details.  This early stimulation is done until the puppies are 16 days old.


At 3-4 weeks we start to get the puppies adjusted to sounds, textures and overhead stimulation.


Around 5 weeks we start getting the puppies used to grooming by putting them up on the table and gently playing with and tugging on their fur, ears, paws, whiskers etc. to teach them to relax.  This helps them in the future whether they are being groomed or getting examined by a veterinarian.


Around 5 1/2 weeks the puppies begin spending time in a larger pen with lots of toys and puppy agility equipment.  This helps them to gain coordination and muscle tone as well as getting them used to the texture and the feel of the equipment.


We do not wean our puppies, we believe mom knows best.  Our puppies will spend time with their mother up until the time they leave to go to their new homes at 8 to 10 weeks of age.  This time is perfect for mom to teach the puppies some discipline.  Puppies that get discipline from their mums are usually more biddable for training later in life.


At 7-8 weeks of age all our puppies are temperament and performance tested.  These results will help us place the right puppy in the right home.







Our Prices & Guarantees


A Ewenique pet and/or performance puppy or young adult is sold for $1400 plus Canadian taxes on a spay or neuter contract. 


A show and/or breeding puppy or young adult is sold on a co-ownership and agreement/price will be made only on an individual basis.


All puppies come with a guarantee free of hip dysplasia and hereditary eye defects for 5 years. 


By the time they go home, puppies have had their first vaccinations, been dewormed 3 times and been seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist.


Our puppies are well socialized with other animals as well as adults and children.  They are evaluated at 7-8 weeks and placed in appropriate homes.  If you are interested in a puppy from Ewenique Aussies, please fill out our Questionnaire.




"Pasha"  Uno X Tymbr  2008 litter








Current Litter 

We have no puppies available at the moment. Litter plans for 2017 are under works and waiting list is already started.
Please fill out our puppy questionnaire to be considered for a puppy in 2017.



Older dogs/Young adults Available  

No older puppies or adults available at this time. Please see available puppies above.


If interested in a rescue please check out the following link Aussies Rescue Canada.








You can complete our Puppy Questionnaire to be considered.




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